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DCEC-Based on the Supreme Principle of Customer Value

Jul 1, 2021 | News & Events | 0 comments

With the genes of innovation,where’s the direction of innovation? Wang Ning’s answer is customers. He said,“we know that the value of product is brought out by complete vehicle products. We cannot only care about our own product and stay in the field alone, but make us a role of manufacturer, really listen to the voice from automobile factory to know what they need. Make “how to fit the maximum value of the vehicle products”as a starting point, cooperate with the strategy and development techniques of vehicle products, so that our products can create bigger value.

Reliable and economical value perception is realized by steady technical work. In recent years, DCEC make the customer products as the highest standard, put the direction of innovation to comprehensive economic effenciency, electronic control technology, emission standard and matching degree with the vehicle, etc. The specific explanation is as follows:

Firstly, innovation in pursuing products comprehensive economic effenciency(also called liquid fuel economy). Since the emission standards reach DCEC engines consume fuel and urea, both of them is indispensable. What DCEC pursue is combine the two to achieve the optimal state, which can help customers save time and expense, so that the customers value could be realized.

Secondly, the innovation in electronic control technology.We not only pursue how to control the engine more intelligently, but also consider how to connect the electronic control technology with internet technology. In China, DCEC cooperates with Tian Yuan Technology to develop Telematics System. It is through the platform of remote control technology, we can achieve the economic effenciency, and the internet connection with electronic control technology, therefore to help users improve their operation efficiency of management, and to create greater value for customers.

Thirdly, the innovation of spare parts and post-market service. 100,000 kilometers’ oil drain interval is an amazing technological achievement which the old truckers didn’t even think about. Now by the integration of DCEC filtration technology and a series of engine technology, the ISG engines have pioneered in realizing the guarantee of 100,000 kilometers’ oil drain interval. This is a joint outcome of DCEC comprehensive technology and system integration capability, in which filtration technology played a very important role. The close combination of filtration technology, nanotechnology and materials science, is an important embodiment of our innovation.

Fourthly, the pursuit of higher compatibility with vehicle products. DCEC realizes that it is not only necessary to make great engine product, but also to help vehicle manufacturers improve vehicle matching degree. Compatibility improvement with the vehicle is the embodiment of the innovative technologies. The solution of these problems, such as how to make great power system, how to optimize the cooling system, etc., requires technology research, development and investment on it. Innovation of integration brings higher value to customers.


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