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Why your prices are so high? The other company on is so cheap? Can you give 50% discount? These are very common questions we received here at EMAC. Just like you can get a latest model of iPhone with less than 100USD, price is always not a problem when you sourcing goods from China, with the strong manufacturing ability and rich resources we have here in China, you can have any price for any products. Just as example of iPhone, you can get different version of iPhone with 100USD, 200USD, 300USD…until genuine 1200USD version. Each version has its own reason, iPhone with Android system is available in China!

This is exactly same with machinery industry, you can find all different vision of machines here in China, price is always not a problem, but trust is! As a trustworthy company, EMAC can never give you CHEAP answer, but every single answer from EMAC is a trustworthy and responsible one.

The Secret Behind Low Price

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Sales Team

Marine Sales - Mrs. Gazit Wong WhatApp-Icon

Train Sales - Mrs. Gazit Wong WhatApp-Icon

Automotive Sales - Mrs. Shelly LiuWhatApp-Icon

Industrial Sales - Mrs. Kitty Chen WhatApp-Icon

Generator Sales - Mrs. Erica WhatApp-Icon

Pump Sales - Mrs. Ryen WhatApp-Icon

Spare Parts - Mrs. Nora Chen WhatApp-Icon

Sales Manager - Mrs. Wendy Fu

Ventas españolas - Victoria

Sales Director - Mr. Jasper Lee       WhatApp-Icon

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