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Working together with our manufacturing partners, EMAC continuously collecting all useful information, tips, and other technical literatures such as tips of products design, tips of products selections and sharing other technical information. In the meantime, EMAC also invested in different kinds of testing to verify the uncertainty of products, such as the impact on the engine power losses of modify dry type engine exhaust system into water-cooled exhaust system. All these kinds of information are very useful for customers to choose the right products and design the products accordingly.

EMAC pays extremely attention to the new products, new application and products trends of our industry, to make sure that we following up with the dynamic changes of machinery industry, which we collecting the tendency of products and technology development inside of machinery industry. And our project case library can help all customers to find the similar case for most of applications or help customers to find a EMAC’s customer at their country or region.

Technical Articles

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Sales Team

Marine Sales - Mrs. Hailey Tang

Automotive Sales - RailMac Gazit

Industrial Sales - Ms.Kitty Chen

Engine Parts-Mr.Nora Chen

Pump Sales - Ryen

Train Sales - Wells

Sales Director - Mr. Jasper Lee      

Service Team

Customer Service - Mrs. Wendy Fu

Ventas españolas - Victoria

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