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Answering Questions About Engine Coolant

Dec 16, 2022 | Technical Literature | 0 comments



No one is forever young, but there are always young drivers who are also “renewing”. More and more young drivers have joined the transportation industry, but they know very little about vehicles.

Today SinoGen will answer your questions.


Before dispelling the confusion, let me first introduce to you what is engine coolant.

Engine coolant does a good job of maintaining the temperature of the engine cooling system. Therefore, it can not only prevent the water tank from boiling in summer, but also prevent pipelines from freezing and cracking in winter, helping the engine to work in a reasonable temperature environment. It can also play the role of anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

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Question 1: Does the engine coolant have to be replaced regularly?


Yes, if the coolant is not replaced for a long time, scale will easily form in the water channel of the engine, resulting in the inability of the engine to dissipate heat effectively, increasing the temperature of the cylinder liner, and causing high temperature of the engine. If it is not discovered in time during driving, it may damage the engine. Important parts, the engine needs to be overhauled in severe cases.

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Question 2: Can pure water be used for emergency when the engine coolant is insufficient?


It can be used as an emergency, but it needs to be replaced with a new coolant immediately after use. Completely drain and clean the coolant mixed with the original car and pure water, and then add new coolant. The coolant is a chemical agent. Except for additives and ethylene glycol, most of the rest is deionized water. If you use ordinary tap water or mineral water, it will seriously affect the corrosion resistance of the coolant and form scale, which may cause serious damage to the cooling system. Fault.

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Question 3: Can it be mixed when changing the engine coolant?


Don’t mix them. Random mixing may form highly corrosive substances and cause great damage to the engine. Moreover, the chemical properties and composition of different brands of coolants are very different. Using coolants from different manufacturers will have different effects. You must look for the coolants of the original brands, so as to achieve good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. ability, etc., to form a better protection effect on the engine.

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Question 4: How to judge whether it is time to add coolant?


1. Judge by observing the water temperature alarm light on the instrument panel. If the coolant in the vehicle cooling system is not enough, the water temperature warning light will send out an alarm signal, which is to remind the driver that it is time to add coolant.
2. Judging by the liquid level scale marks on the coolant storage tank. Open the storage tank and observe the color of the coolant. If the coolant appears rusty, discolored or turbid, it means that the performance of the coolant is weakening. At this time, it must be replaced immediately to avoid damage to the engine.

Question 5: What should be paid attention to when using engine coolant?


Try to avoid splashing the engine coolant on the car. The engine coolant is corrosive and will damage the glossiness of the vehicle surface to a certain extent. At the same time, avoid contact with the human body to prevent injury.


Do you understand it? Regarding the cold knowledge of engine coolant, the “constitution” of each engine is different. Therefore,SinoGen recommends that you must use the original coolant, so that the engine can “live a long life” for you.


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